A vital stand to take in the process of increasing my personal power and enhancing my performance is the fact that I come from ”I always have a choice.” From this vantage point, I can see that everything I am and have is the result of the choices I have made in my life. I choose my attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings. I choose my job, my relationships, and through the choices I make about eating, drinking, smoking, and exercise, I choose my body weight, shape, level of health, and how long I will live. Ultimately, everything in my life is a result of the choices I have made.

If I do not hold that I always have a choice, life then exists as a series of Have To’s and shoulds. I have to go to work, I have to love my husband, I have to take care of my kids, I have to pay my taxes, and I have to keep doing all of these, I should be a better team player, I should be a better leader, I should know how to do that- etc, etc, … Life as a series of Have To’s, shoulds and need too’s produces a mood of resentment and frustration in my life and this too is a choice. The payoff for this choice is that I get to avoid responsibility, dominate others, be right, which ultimately make me and others wrong and constantly be in a place of justification and invalidation. The cost of living as if i do not have a choice is that I feel out of control, powerless, and victimized.

There is no promise that I will always have choices I like. However, there is a powerful stand I can take which is, “I Always Have A Choice.” I may not choose to have my work project canceled, my team reassigned, my budget cut, or a negative evaluation, but I can choose how I am going to react to these occurrences and what moves I am going to make to produce the result I desire.

I can also choose not to choose. This will result in someone else choosing for me, or circumstances shifting until the field of choices narrows to the point where I have the experience of there being “no choice.”

A vital stand to take in the process of increasing personal power and enhancing individual performance is that ”I always have a choice.”

Have a wonderful month.